Ovation 1973 Deacon 1252 Vintage Natural


Ovation 1973 Deacon 1252 Vintage Natural

Ovation 1973. Deacon 1252 in Vintage Natural Finish.

1 Piece Contour Mahogany Body.

2 Piece Mahogany Neck with 24 Fret Ebony Fretboard set with Diamond Inlays.

FET onboard Preamp for a Wide Range of Tonal Sounds.

Chrome Hardware.

#E 3991.


The Ovation FET Preamp:

The electronics feature 2 Ovation Mini-Humbuckers via an onboard FET preamplifier (powered by 2 x 9V batteries accessed from the large plate on the rear of the guitar).

Unlike a regular passive tone control, the Deacon tone control is active, with a central off (flat) position. Turning either way from centre boosts bass or treble response.

The pickup selector gives the following combinations:

Neck Pickup (switch towards headstock)

Bridge pickup (switch in centre)

Both pickups out-of-phase (switch towards bridge)

There are 2 trim-pots accessible through the battery cavity, 1 adjusts the degree of phase when both pickups are selected and the other is an output balance control for the neck pickup only.

The second switch is a mid-range notch filter which produces a similar effect to a coil-tap, but without a significant drop in output.