Baker 2002 B1 Bengal Tiger Honey Burst


Baker 2002 B1 Bengal Tiger Honey Burst

Baker 2002. B1 Model in Bengal Tiger Honey Burst Finish.

2 Piece Carved Maple Quilt Top with Binding & Matching Headstock with Baker Chrome Logo Inlay.

1 Piece Mahogany Body.

1 Piece Mahogany Neck with Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard and Upper Fret Markers in MOP Inlays.

Grover Tuners.

Chrome Hardware.


Gene Baker has been obsessed with guitars for a long time—he built his first guitar when he was still in middle school. He eventually ended up as a senior master’s apprentice at Gibson, and then a Fender Custom Shop senior master builder before branching out on his own. He built a reputation for building impeccable-playing double-cutaways with gorgeous figured-maple tops stained in a huge array of colors. He’s gotten even more attention as the master builder and chief engineer for Premier Builders Guild, where he oversees production of a limited selection of designs from six boutique brands—his own b3 line, as well as popular models from Dennis Fano, Roger Giffin, Saul Koll, Johan Gustavsson, and Jason Schroeder.

Gene Baker

Gene Baker.