Baker 2014 B3 Phoenix Sunburst


Baker 2014 B3 Phoenix Sunburst

Baker 2014. B3 Phoenix in Sunburst Finish.


From André R. Duchossoir's Collection.


André left us 17/11/2020. He was a very good friend, I miss him.

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Every guitar collector knows André's publications:

Andre publications

Gene Baker

Gene Baker Senior Master Builder.

Gene Baker has been obsessed with guitars for a long time—he built his first guitar when he was still in middle school. He eventually ended up as a senior master’s apprentice at Gibson, and then a Fender Custom Shop senior master builder (1993-1999) before branching out on his own. He built a reputation for building impeccable-playing double-cutaways with gorgeous figured-maple tops stained in a huge array of colors. He’s gotten even more attention as the master builder and chief engineer for Premier Builders Guild, where he oversees production of a limited selection of designs from six boutique brands—his own b3 line, as well as popular models from Dennis Fano, Roger Giffin, Saul Koll, Johan Gustavsson, and Jason Schroeder.