Gibson 1982 Chet Atkins CE Nylon Strings EX-Basile Leroux


Gibson 1982 Chet Atkins CE Nylon Strings EX-Basile Leroux

Gibson 1982. Chet Atkins CE in Vintage Natural Finish.

EX-Basile Leroux.

Spruce top with Binding.

1 Piece Mahogany Contour Body.

3 Piece Mahogany Neck.

Rosewood Bridge & Fretboard.

Nylon Strings.


Gibson Add

The words of David Mc Gee (Hall of Fame Essay 2002) about Chet Atkins:

Guitarist, songwriter, producer, talent scout, confidante - Chet Atkins, who passed away on June 30, 2001, played so many roles so well for so long that to enumerate his contributions would take more than a few pages and indeed merit a book length treatise.

To point out that he has sold more than thirty-five million albums as a solo artist, won fifteen Grammy Awards (including Lifetime Achievement) and changed the course of country music as a producer only scratches the surface of his legacy.

Chet Atkins with his 7th Gibson CE 17:06:1982

Chet Atkins & Everly Brothers

Chet Atkins & Ray Stevens

Chet Atkins & Waylon Jennings & etc etc

Chet Atkins & Willie Nelson

Chet Atkins End Page 30:06:2001

This guitar model was played by a lot of guitar heroes as well.

MK & Chet Atkins

Mark Knopfler and Chet Atkins

Brian May with Gibson CE

Brian May with Gibson CE.

Lindsey Buckingham with Gibson CE

Lindsay Buckingham with Gibson CE.

Mark Knopfler

Mark Knopfler with Gibson CE.