Gibson 2014 Les Paul Long Scale Heritage Cherry Sunburst


Gibson 2014 Les Paul Long Scale Heritage Cherry Sunburst

Gibson 2014. Les Paul Long Scale in Heritage Cherry Sunburst Finish.

Custom Shop.

2 Piece 5A Stripe Flame Maple Top with Binding.

1 Piece Mahogany Body with Binding.

1 Piece Mahogany Neck.

Rosewood Fretboard with Split Parallelogram Inlays.

Chrome Hardware.

# CS4 02083.


Gibson Custom tried a bold experiment when it issued the Gibson Custom CS Les Paul Long Scale guitar. Visually, you can notice that it’s slightly longer, and with some unique appointments like binding on the mahogany back and split-parallelogram fretboard inlays similar to the ES-175 and ES-345 guitars–very distinctive, to be sure.

Still, the big, big difference is with tone and playability. String tension is indeed tighter, which many players will appreciate. But sonically, this is a Les Paul that chimes and shimmers with top-end. You can twang and snap strings like you would on a 25-1/2” scale, bolted neck guitar, and rejoice in a low end that’s crisp with definition. Clarity and detail and definition and all that Les Paul warmth and wooliness.

The longer scale also benefits players who like to de-tune, allowing you to use thicker strings but with the string tension you’d feel with an .010-.046 set.

The Les Paul Long Scales come with Custom Bucker humbucker pickups—the closest approximation to the vintage ’57 PAF that they’ve ever created.