Magnum Guitars 2000 Bat Guitar Vermilion Red


Magnum Guitars 2000 Bat Guitar Vermilion Red

Magnum Guitars 2000. Bat Guitar in Vermilion Red Finish.

6061 Aluminum Body.

AZ31B Magnesium Neck and Headstock.

Kahler Fixed Bridge with Fine Tuning.

Seymour Duncan & DiMarzio Pickups.

Black Hardware.

Only 1 built

Magnum guitars were produced by Arndt Anderson and made out of magnesium and aluminum. The magnesium guitars started in 1983 by Shark Byte Engineering.

Magnum Guitars was a brand name of Arndt Anderson. Anderson's company started out as "Magnesium Guitars" in 1983 making "the magnesium guitar", on a very limited production basis. As a private consultant and mechanical engineer for "Missing Persons", Arndt Anderson created some of the most state-of-the-art musical instruments of the time. Magnesium Guitars then took a detour and began producing "The Shark", a piezo-electric drum trigger pedal used mostly with synth drums, by drummers all over the world.  Concurrently, along with the musical projects, Arndt also was doing precision-prototype machining for the aerospace/defence industry. He worked on component parts for the space shuttle, the stinger missile project, and the patriot missile project to name a few. He also made advanced automation equipment used in factories producing electronic and sensor technology. Introduced around 2000, Anderson's Magnum guitars had aluminum bodies with magnesium necks and were the culmination of his life-long quest to produce a quality guitar made out of metal but at an affordable price. The Magnum Guitars website went offline around 2003.

There are “around three dozen” Arndt Anderson guitars out in the world right now. Although they were all custom instruments, their construction was very similar aside from variations in body shape. The guitars continue to occasionally surface on the secondary market but have become a very rare item.

After the batch of guitars in the early 2000s, Arndt ceased production of guitars until a couple years ago when he started building them again, this time, under a new name as there is a company that is using the name Magnum. Today, the guitars are being built under the banner of ASA Metal Guitars [A.S.A. are Anderson’s initials]. Just as in the early 1980s, Anderson builds are done individually in very limited quantities.


From ASA Website

My name is Arndt Anderson, the designer and creator of the ALL metal guitar. I have been a machinist/engineer for 40+ years. I started Sharkbyte Engineering as my main company and the majority of my work has been in the industrial world. Early on, I machined parts for aerospace and various defense contractors around the country. Approximately 20 years ago, I competed on the hit series, Battlebots aired on Comedy Central, that experience was a total blast! If you are interested please check out our fights on Youtube. (Sharkbyte vs KillerB is a good one). The past 15 or so years, I have been designing and building automation equipment, used in the manufacturing of circuit boards and automotive sensors, Nordson Select being one, where I was fortunately able to design the Novo and Cerno machine series, these are used for automated circuit board soldering. In 1981 I built my first metal guitar and attended my first NAMM show in 1984. Since then I've built dozens of custom guitars over the years, with long hiatus' in-between builds. Although as of late I have gotten back into guitar building, as music has always been a huge part of my life. I have met and worked for successful musicians, and hopefully made their lives a little better. A highlight for me would be that I was given the opportunity to design and build the foot trigger pedals for Rick Allen of Def Leppard, after his accident. I have learned a lot over the years, and tried to incorporate that knowledge into these guitars. I have a rather small shop, up in the northern Washington wilderness. Quite the paradox!





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