Ovation 1978 Preacher 1285 12 String Vintage Natural

12 String Electric

Ovation 1978 Preacher 1285 12 String Vintage Natural

Ovation 1978. Preacher 1285 12 String in Vintage Natural Finish.

1 Piece Mahogany Contour Body.

Mahogany Neck Reinforced with 3 Strips of Carbon Fibre, 1 running down the back of the Neck and 2 under the 24 Fret Ebony Fingerboard set with Abalone Inlays.

FET onboard Preamp for a Wide Range of Tonal Sounds.

Chrome Hardware.

#E 15423.

From The Borst Electric Guitar Collection USA


The Ovation FET Preamp:

The electronics feature 2 Ovation Mini-Humbuckers via an onboard FET preamplifier (powered by 2 x 9V batteries accessed from the large plate on the rear of the guitar).

Unlike a regular passive tone control, the Deacon tone control is active, with a central off (flat) position. Turning either way from centre boosts bass or treble response.

The pickup selector gives the following combinations:

Neck Pickup (switch towards headstock)

Bridge pickup (switch in centre)

Both pickups out-of-phase (switch towards bridge)

There are 2 trim-pots accessible through the battery cavity, one adjusts the degree of phase when both pickups are selected and the other is an output balance control for the neck pickup only.

The second switch is a mid-range notch filter which produces a similar effect to a coil-tap, but without a significant drop in output.