Teuffel 2004 Birdfish #137


Teuffel 2004 Birdfish #137

Ulrich Teuffel 2004.

Birdeyes Maple Neck and Fretboard.

Birdfish #137 with MIDI bridge and electronics.

Special order delivered August 2004 with a Thick Neck, 3 supplemental pickups, Red Tone Bars, MIDI Bridge and Electronics.


Ulrich Teuffel

Ulrich Teuffel.

Billy Gibbons.jpg

Billy Gibbons, ZZ Top.

The Birdfish was presented for the first time at the Frankfurt MusikMesse in 1995. Mil Garofalo from Luxemburg was the first person to purchase a Birdfish back then. Since then this guitar has become widely recognized. It has appeared in many books and has become a part of many private guitar collections. The British magazine “Guitarist“ picked it as one of the most important guitars of the 20th century. The Birdfish has won three design awards and is on display in several museums. It is played by musicians such as David Torn, Henry Kaiser, Hans Zimmer, Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill, Page Hamilton, Kirk Hammett, Amir Derakh and many others.

Billy Gibbons said about it: "It really shines on Mescalero because of that dirty, raunchy tone. I defy any other instrument, besides these odd-ball things, to get that crazy.“ (Guitar World 6/03)

Ulrich Teuffel:

My original idea was to build a guitar that was constructed so that the fundamental elements, the tonewoods and the pickups, are put together in a modular fashion. This design not only allows unlimited tonal possibilities, but also results in a very lively and percussive tone.

Since 1995 I have overhauled the Birdfish in four stages. In doing so, I have been very careful not to alter the identity of the Birdfish.

The Birdfish series is limited to 500 instruments.