Fender 1999 Telecaster Marty Stuart Signature Prototype EX-Brad Davis


Fender 1999 Telecaster Marty Stuart Signature Prototype EX-Brad Davis

Fender 1999 Marty Stuart Signature Custom Shop Telecaster Prototype in Sparkle Blue Finish with Bigsby Tremolo.

EX- Brad Davis.

Built for Brad Davis (played with Marty Stuart)

Neck signed by Mark Kendricks.

It seems that although 35 necks were made for Fender by John Thorn, only 10 B-Bender and 16 Standard versions + 2 to Marty were assembled, this is one of those 2 built for Marty Stuart and the only one from the run with a Bigsby Tremolo.

From André Duchossoir Collection.

Extract from the Fender Authentication letter:


May 15, 2012

This guitar, made for Brad Davis, is a Marty Stuart Limited Edition Telecaster, prototype.

The project began following conversations with Marty Stuart sometime in late 1997 in Corona California, then, moving the development to Nashville Tennessee in March of 1998. An amalgam of several different eras, this prototype represents appointments from the 50's through the 90's and into the now millennium.

Made of Southern Swamp Ash and Eastern hard rock maple, the guitar is finished in a

"Brilliant Stratosphere" blue sparkle. The body is bound in hand made checkerboard binding by "Red Dave" Nichols. Pickups were hand wound to original 50's specifications. The neck was inlayed by Ron Thorn with conceptual art by me and Marty Stuart, done on a cocktail napkin in the Renaissance Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. The neck is also dated 1-28-99, in my pencil. While the guitar was completed in March of 1999, that date denotes the day it went into the paint process.

This is the only Bigsby Tremolo model made in this edition.

There is no serial number as we were waiting for Signature Edition decals yet to be printed.

Signed by

Richard McDonald

Senior Vice President - Marketing - Fender

Fender Musical Instrument Corporation

17600 North Perimeter Drive, Suite 100

Scottsdale, Arizona 85255

Marty Stuart

Nashville Fret Wizard Introduces New Album and Limited Edition Tribute Tele

This appeared in Fender Frontline - July 1999