Fender 2004 Stratocaster “Critter Jungle" #2 of 2 Artwork by Gina Schatz & Painted by Pamelina H.


Fender 2004 Stratocaster “Critter Jungle" #2 of 2 Artwork by Gina Schatz & Painted by Pamelina H.

Fender 2004. Stratocaster “Critter Jungle" From GuitarMania Series

Painted by Pamelina Hovnatanian ©2003.

Custom Shop.

Original artwork by Gina Schatz.

Chrome Hardware.

#2 of only 2 built.

#CN9 5299.

From GuitarMania series.

The "Critter Jungle" #1 is on display @guitarmotel.net as well, so have a look !!



GuitarMania Catalogue p.25

Artist Gina Schatz's guitar is a study of black and white geometric lines and circles. Schatz, currently a student of interior design, also owns the Dance & Light Studio, and leads the performance dance group "Dayim Lahib," Which means "everlasting flame." She is the lead singer of the James O Band.

GuitarMania On The Streets Of Downtown Cleveland 2002

GuitarMania® is a Greater Cleveland community public art project that seeks to raise money for its two benefiting charities – United Way of Greater Cleveland and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum’s education programs. The project consists of large, 10-ft tall Fender® Stratocaster® guitars creatively transformed into works of art by local artists and national celebrities. The guitars are displayed on the city streets of Cleveland for residents and visitors to enjoy. Several of the guitars are also placed throughout the terminal and concourses of the Airport.

Cleveland artists and other rock-stars designed and decorated large fibreglass guitars then scattered them around downtown Cleveland.

Have a look here to see all these guitar sculptures on site in downtown Cleveland in 2002


Critter Front

Critter Jungle sculpture onsite

Critter Back

Cleveland Ohio

GuitarMania Catalogue, Bill Pappas (Photographer), Jane Campbell (Introduction)

ISBN 10: 0972504109 ISBN 13: 9780972504102
Publisher: United Way Services, 2002


Photo in Studio copie

Photo in Studio © Pamelina H.