Fender 1997 Stratocaster Aluminum Egyptian Masterbuilt by Greg Rich


Fender 1997 Stratocaster Aluminum Egyptian Masterbuilt by Greg Rich

Fender 1997. Stratocaster Aluminum Egyptian Masterbuilt by Greg Rich.

Aluminum Engraved Chrome Plated then Gilded Body & Pickguard inlaid with Multicolour Enamels and various Rhinestones.

Maple Neck with Rosewood Fretboard entirely covered with mother of pearl and inlaid with stylised views of the Egyptian Pyramids at night and day.

Pickups with white covers and gilded pole pieces.

All Gold Hardware.

Greg Rich created 3 different Egyptian Stratocasters.

This one was built for the Tsumura collection.

2010-07-09_21.38.13 copie

Greg Rich with the Egyptian Strat at Tsumura's


Greg Rich.

Artist Greg Rich has spent his career creating pieces of custom art for musicians all over the world. He became known worldwide when he took over the Gibson Custom Shop and resurrected the Gibson banjo line. He ushered in a new era of instrumental works-of-art during his time creating Gibson's art instruments.

He’s known for the one-of-a-kind instruments he’s created for folks like Gene Autry, Roy Rogers , Dale Evans and Garth Brooks to name a few. Many of these pieces are featured in galleries and museums as well as in the collections of the world's foremost instrument aficionados.

As a woodworker, engraver, painter and freehand artist, Greg has pushed the limits of design (and sometimes taste) with his elaborate creations. He’s never been one to follow trends, consider boundaries or repeat himself with his work.

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Please also have a look at this very interesting video regarding Greg Rich who was Inducted in 2021 for Design & Manufacture in the American Banjo Museum Hall of Fame